The Custom Wedding Dress Design Process

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Angela offers a Covid-safe, virtual wedding dress design experience.

Have your dream dress designed from home without the need for in-person fittings.

▸ Consultations are done over the phone, by email or video conference.

You’ll speak directly with Angela and share your inspirations and ideas. Angela will keep in touch with you throughout your project with updates and virtual fittings as necessary.

▸ Angela is not a customized wedding dress vendor.

Angela does not mix and match the elements from an archive of pre-fabricated pieces to patch together your dress like some online “custom” wedding dress vendors. Angela designs and creates your one-of-a-kind dress just for you based on your personal requirements.

▸ Each custom wedding gown is one-of-a-kind and requires hundreds of hours to create.

The design process takes 6-12 months depending on scheduling and the complexity of the design. Angela offers virtual fittings via video conference to ensure the best fit.

▸ If you not sure about what you want for your wedding dress, Angela will guide you to find the best look for you.

Angela is a professional designer with over 20 years of experience in the fashion industry. She has extensive knowledge about the best fabrics, silhouettes and construction for every body type.

1.  Design Consultation
During your initial consultation, you and Angela will discuss your vision,  ideas and what you are looking to have in your dream dress. This appointment is all about getting to know you—your personality, your taste, and your wedding style. Afterward, Angela will do sketches to show you how she will execute your vision. 

2.  Fabrics
You and Angela will also discuss your specific fabric needs so that she can source the perfect materials for your design. We source our fabrics from the best vendors all around the world, the same suppliers as luxury name brands. If your design requires something not readily available, it’s very likely that Angela can create it for you.

3.  Pricing
After you confirm the design, materials, and the type and amount of details, Angela will quote you an estimated price.

Angela Kim Couture Design Sketch
Angela Kim Couture Fabric Selections

4.  Analyzing Your Body Type and Taking Detailed Measurements
To create the most flattering dress for you, Angela will help you take detailed measurements of your body in a virtual fitting session. Or you can have them taken by your local seamstress and send them to her.

5.  Virtual Mockup Fitting
Just like how it’s done in Haute Couture design houses, Angela makes a mockup dress in similar material to your actual fabric choice to test the fit and design details.  You’ll meet with her via video chat to analyze the results.

6.  Construction
After the virtual mockup fitting, Angela makes any necessary adjustments and begins work on your dress in the chosen fabrics.

7.  Beading and Embellishing
You can specify the materials and placement of embellishments and work with Angela to achieve the exact look you want.

8.  Final Virtual Fitting and Styling
You’ll do the final virtual fitting after Angela completes the dress to make sure you are happy with the result. You will receive an original sketch beautifully bound in a custom folder.  And if you need further assistance, Angela will also help you to stylize your bridal look by suggesting the right shoes, accessories, hair and makeup as well.

Angela Kim couture Custom Wedding Dress Details

Start Your Bridal Journey with a Custom Couture Wedding Dress

● One-of-a-Kind Design Inspired by Your Bridal Vision

● Custom Fitted Specifically for Your Body

● High Quality Handmade Construction

● Luxury Fabrics and Details from Around the World

● A Unique, Fun and Luxurious Experience to Celebrate Your Wedding Journey

Kyra wearing a custom bridal gown with 3d floral embroidery
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Fill out our inquiry form to Get Started Now!

Get started by filling out our brief inquiry form.  Submit a few details about your proposed design, and Angela will contact you for your free consultation.

Angela works with clients from coast to coast!

• Call or email us with your inspiration photos, a detailed description of what you wish to create and your event date.

• Based on your consultation, Angela will send you a sketch of your dream dress and a project proposal.

• When you decide to get started with us, a deposit payment will be required before we can begin production. When we have received your payment, we will then send you instructions about how to obtain your measurements.

• We start the production of your dress after we receive your measurements.

• When your dress is ready to be shipped we’ll send you detailed photos of your project and request the balance of your payment.

• When the final payment has been received, we’ll ship your dress to you.

• Angela makes your dress to order according to the specific measurements you provide. In the event you need additional alterations, you will be responsible for obtaining them from your local seamstress or tailor.

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