Custom Petite Wedding Dresses!

Petite bride Masha wearing her custom wedding dress from Ange

Go couture with a one-of-a-kind petite wedding dress designed to fit you perfectly. Learn more.

Rebekah in her custom petite wedding dress from Angela Kim Couture

Angela Specializes in Couture, One of a Kind Custom Wedding Dresses for Petite Brides

Shopping for a petite wedding dress can be a challenge, even if you are looking at petite sizes from designer brands.   As a petite person herself, Angela understands the problem of finding the right wedding dress or gown that fits perfectly and flatters your body. 

She helps you bring your dream wedding dress to life with a unique couture design made just for you, from your inspirations. Her dresses feature high quality handmade construction, with fabrics and embellishments sourced around the world from the same vendors as the famous luxury brands you already love.

Take the stress out of the dress hunting process! Go custom and love your finished design — and have a fun, luxurious experience you’ll always treasure!

Petite bride Evelina in her gold custom wedding dress

Custom Design

Your Dream Petite Wedding Dress!

From your first consultation, Angela uses her expert knowledge of silhouettes, pattern making and construction to custom design a one-of-a-kind pattern just for your body, resulting in an exquisite wedding dress that fits you perfectly.

She will guide you to the best selection of fabrics and embellishments for petite styles, and help you bring your bridal vision to life.

You’ll love working with a professional designer who just “gets it” and is an expert at helping petite brides bring out their best look for their big day.

Petite bride Evelina in her gold custom wedding dress
Masha wearing her illusion bridal gown
Breigh posing in her custom bridal gown from Angela Kim Couture
Masha wearing her illusion bridal gown
Breigh posing in her custom bridal gown from Angela Kim Couture
Custom petite wedding dress sketch by Angela Kim

Secrets for Choosing the Best Wedding Dress for Petite Brides

Designing for petite body types is different than for regular sizes. While petite sizes are not mass produced, they are “mass designed” — meaning that a pattern designed for a regular size has usually just been scaled down to be smaller, not designed specifically for petite body shapes.  

Altering a regular sized dress to fit a petite frame never results in the best fit, even with designer dresses, because the ratios of various measurements are different for petite body types.

Most designers and stylists agree that some silhouettes are better for petite brides than others — A-line, fit and flare, and a simple sheath being the more popular. However, the most important aspect of any design is how well the shape of the dress flatters your particular body.

Construction and design details need to be more accurately placed for petite brides to achieve the proper look for these silhouette types. And simple outlines tend to work best, whatever type of silhouette you choose.

Avoid large prints and lace embroideries that will look even larger on a small body. Smaller lace details and appliqués that are appropriate to your size work better.

Large, full skirts with multiple layers can make you look short. Thick, heavy fabrics like mikado and heavy satin are not good choices. Soft, lightweight fabrics that have some movement are better for petites.

Angela recommends to avoid horizontal lines like tiered skirts, which can make you look shorter. Vertical seaming can help create the illusion of height. Angela also recommends to determine the waistline of your dress strategically (not always using your natural waistline) depending on your torso, to find the proper ratio of top to bottom.

With A-line dresses, pay attention to the ratio of the bodice to the skirt, and the fullness of the skirt. A-line styles require the perfect ratio to look flattering. If the length of the bodice is too long or short, it can make you look shorter. The same is true with the fullness of the skirt.

With fit and flare dresses, finding the perfect point in the skirt to place the flare is critical.

Tips for Having a Custom Petite Wedding Dress Made Just for You

● Don’t Limit Your Choices.

The common advice for petite brides is that only certain styles or silhouettes will work, and that’s not necessarily true. Angela can work with any vision, it’s just a matter of getting the details right.

● Be strategic with what you show.

Too much fabric on a petite frame can be overwhelming. Angela prefers using lighter fabrics that have movement and strategically showing some skin to create the illusion of height and length.

● Emphasize Your Best Feature.

Designing your wedding dress around your body’s best feature will help guide your decisions among styles, silhouettes and fabric selections, resulting in a dress that brings out your best look.

● Start the Process Early.

Angela’s one-of-a-kind custom wedding dresses require hundreds of hours to create, turnaround times ranging from 6 to 12 months. Start consulting with Angela early to secure your spot on her busy schedule!

Common Questions from Petite Brides

While Angela agrees with most designers that A-line, fit and flare, and sheath styles are usually the best place to start for petite brides, she also understands that each of these styles may not be ideal for a particular “petite” frame.

The “petite” label encompasses a range of body types, some more suited to certain silhouettes than others. Angela believes that simple outlines work best for petites, whatever the choice of silhouette.

For her the most important aspect of designing for petite brides is the accurate placement of construction details and embellishments. With the right custom design, petite brides have lot more options in terms of silhouettes and styles.

Angela recommends to avoid heavy fabrics like mikado and heavy satin, because they tend to overwhelm a petite frame. Medium weight crepe, lace and silk satin are good choices because they are light and drape well, creating some soft movement in your dress.

Large prints and lace embroidery should also be avoided in favor of smaller details and appliqués. To lift the eye upward, embellish the dress in places around your face.

While short wedding dresses can sometimes look good on petite brides, Angela doesn’t universally recommend them. It really depends on your partner.

If your partner is on the shorter side, a short dress can work well for you. If your partner is tall, a short dress is going to make you look shorter.

Adding a veil to your bridal ensemble can help to add some height to your appearance.  Also, nude colored shoes and pointed toes elongate the appearance of your legs.  And the width of your belt should be appropriate to your size — a well chosen belt can help top and bottom to appear more proportional.


Go Couture!

Bring your custom petite wedding dress to life with bridal designer Angela Kim.

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Natalie posing her custom wedding gown from Angela Kim Couture
Natalie posing her custom wedding gown from Angela Kim Couture

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