Sexy Wedding Dresses to Spice Up Your Big Day

Evelina posing in her sexy custom wedding dress

In this article I’ll be sharing some thoughts with you about what makes a wedding dress sexy, and how to achieve your best look on your Big Day. 

Most brides are understandably focused on how they are going to look on their wedding day — after all, you are going to be the center of attention, and you of course want to look your best, both for your guests and for photos (and maybe your fiancé, too).

But here’s a little bit of expert advice that could be a game-changer for how you choose your wedding dress style — especially if you want to express your bridal style with a sexy wedding dress.  

Kyra wearing a sheer wedding gown from Angela Kim Couture

Comfort is the Key

Vera Wang thinks sexy wedding dresses are so extremely popular right now because they are simply more comfortable for modern brides than traditional styles with huge ball skirts and tight corsets.

So think about how you want to feel in your wedding dress. Of course, everyone has a different definition of what they think is sexy.  But you’ll feel the most sexy when you’re relaxed, confident and comfortable.

Being sexy isn’t about how much skin you show, and it’s certainly not about how tight your dress is. It’s about confidence — and you’ll be the most confident when you are relaxed about how you look (because you know you look fabulous), and most importantly, when you are comfortable wearing your dress.

Angela Kim Couture bride getting styled in her custom wedding dress

5 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Sexy Wedding Dress

Whether you are shopping for sexy designer wedding dresses off the rack or having your bridal gown custom made, keep these ideas in mind when considering your bridal style. 

1. Start with a Perfect Fit

The perfect wedding dress is the one that fits you perfectly.  A flattering wedding dress should hug your curves in all the right places, without being too tight or too loose. Ideally, you want to emphasize or create a sexy hourglass shape.

Start by trying on several different styles of dresses to see what silhouettes look good on you and reflect your personality.  Trumpet, fit and flare, and mermaid silhouettes are great for creating a proportional, balanced hourglass shape.  If you’ve already got the perfect figure, then a simple sheath dress can be a great choice to show your natural curves.

Evelina posing in her custom illusion wedding dress

Balance and Proportion

Whatever style you choose, remember that a flattering silhouette is all about balance and proportion.  For sexy wedding dresses, fit and structure are more important than how much skin you show.

As a designer, I want to create a balance between the top and bottom. For example, if the dress shows a lot of skin on top, then it probably should be less revealing on bottom. And vice versa.

Feature and Details

I also pay a lot of attention to the placement of design features and details. For example, creating a perfect hourglass shape for fit and flare and mermaid silhouettes requires the perfect placement of the flare or “mermaid point.”  This will be determined by the individual bride’s body.  Placing the flare too high or too low can make you look fat rather than curvy, so it’s essential to get the details right.

Hannah's dress features a sweetheart neckline

Décolletage, Chest and Cleavage

The perfect neckline will also be different from person to person, and must be placed precisely.  A mere half-inch can make a big difference between “sexy” if placed correctly, and “tacky” if not.  

Brides with smaller breasts have more flexibility with the neckline, and can go quite low with a plunging neckline or deep V.  Curvy brides with larger breasts are more limited in how low they can go, because they need a supporting structure. 

Cleavage can be sexy, of course.  But showing too much, especially unintentionally, is not. And there are plenty of sexy wedding dresses that don’t show cleavage at all.  The main thing is to find a design that has the right structure to lift, contour and contain your breasts in place.

Especially with sexy wedding dresses, a bride won’t be able to wear shapewear underneath because the dress may be too revealing.  So the necessary structure will need to be built into the dress with boning, underwire, contoured bra cups or a lace-up corset bodice.

Natalie wearing her sexy custom wedding dress from Angela Kim Couture

2. Know What to Show and What to Hide

Choose your bridal gown to highlight your body’s best feature to bring out your best look for your wedding day.  Show your skin strategically with balance and proportion.

Sexiness isn’t about how much you show. Maybe even more importantly, it’s about what you choose not to show.  And most brides have at least one feature that they don’t want to show.

For example, in my experience as a designer, most women are somewhat self conscious about the armpit area (axilla) and the backs of their arms (triceps), as this is an area where fat or axillary breast tissue can accumulate.  For sleeveless dresses or spaghetti straps, the precise placement of the cut under the armpit is essential to address this issue.

Lauren wearing her wedding dress with sleeves

Cutouts and High Slits

Cutouts should be placed strategically and exactly to show what you want to show and hide what you need to hide.

Short Wedding Dresses

For brides who want to show even more of their legs, short wedding dress styles can be a sexy choice, depending on your wedding theme and venue.  A short, sexy dress for the reception with an overskirt for the ceremony is a popular option.

Backless Wedding Dresses

Backless wedding dresses are also a popular choice, and can be found in all silhouettes.  While it’s sometimes tricky to get the fit exactly right with a backless dress, especially for curvy brides with larger breasts, illusion backing helps to provide the necessary structure and maintains the sexy backless dress look.

Hair, Skin and Nails

And while it may seem pretty basic, don’t underestimate the importance of your hair, skin and nails.  Whatever parts you show, you want them to be clean, smooth and moisturized.

Oksana in a wedding gown with sleeves

3. Choose the Right Color for Your Wedding Dress

Even if your bridal vision is a traditionally white dress, you’ll have many shades of white or ivory to choose from.  As for lining, you’ll have an equally vast array of choices, whether white or nude. Matching the shades of your fabrics to your skin is a subtle but important detail that can have a big impact on the look of your dress.

When matching colors, do it next to your face to find the shade that makes it look brighter and prettier.  The wrong shade can make you look tired and gloomy.

Recent design trends are moving away from using opaque white lining to lightweight nude or sheer illusion fabrics.  Designers like Galia Lahav create a “second skin” look with a built in body suit in illusion material.  Brides can choose a skirt lining for a less revealing look, or use none at all for a greater hint of sexiness.

Evelina's backless gold wedding dress

4. Choose the Right Fabrics

Gowns made from heavy fabrics like mikado and heavy satin can easily overwhelm the the bride’s shape.  Your natural curves will be hidden by full multi-layered skirts.  

Lingerie inspired fabrics like silk and lace make excellent choices for sexy, romantic bridal gowns.  They drape well and create alluring, subtle movement in your dress.

Prints and patterns need to be in proportion to your body size, and details and appliqués should be placed strategically to cover just the right areas to leave the appropriate amount bare.

Lauren wearing a trumpet wedding gown from Angela Kim Couture

5. Accessorize Appropriately

A little “bling” is an appropriate add-on for sexy wedding dresses.  I recommend brides to not overdo their accesories, and use them in a complimentary way to create a single point of focus.

For example, chandelier earrings are a nice compliment to an off the shoulder dress. Likewise, a tiarra compliments a ball skirt well. But in both cases, adding a necklace would likely be too much.

Veils, capes and overskirts are great accessories to balance out a more revealing dress.

Payton posing in the sunshine in her black wedding dress

Shopping for Sexy Wedding Gown Designs

Whether your wedding inspiration is tastefully sexy, hot and sultry, or just outright risqué, there is no shortage of sexy designer wedding dress styles to choose from off the rack. Designers like Galia Lahav and Berta come easily to mind.  However, expect that you’ll need some expensive alterations to get a perfect fit with these gowns.  

Naturally, I recommend brides to have their bridal gowns custom designed not only because you get a perfect fit, but also because it’s a fun and luxurious way to get all prepared for the Big Day. And it’s often more affordable than you may expect.

Portrait of Masha modeling her illusion dress form Angela Kim Couture

Sexy Wedding Dress Ideas That Will Turn Heads on Your Big Day

There’s no single design that makes a wedding dress sexy, but there are several key features that can make any dress feel more intimate and inviting.

Off the Shoulder Look

Payton looking over her shoulder in a black lace wedding gown
Hannah posing in a sexy off the shoulder wedding dress

Many brides want to wear something that is both classic and sexy on their wedding day. Off the shoulder designs are increasingly popular for good reason – they are sexy and stylish without being too over the top.  If you’re looking for a romantic bridal gown that bares your shoulders, there are many styles that can achieve this sexy look and make you feel absolutely beautiful.

Sweetheart Neckline

Evelina wearing her custom gold wedding dress
Oksana wearing her custom wedding dress with sleeves

The sweetheart neckline is a classic and sexy wedding dress neckline. This style features a low-cut neckline that curves inward, forming a valentine shape. This look is perfect for showing off your décolletage and creating a timeless, romantic bridal gown.  

Sweetheart necklines can be used with several silhouettes and a wide range of sleeves and straps.  While often used with strapless dresses, sweetheart necklines are also appropriate for off the shoulder styles, spaghetti straps, or even long illusion sleeves as well.

Plunging Neckline / Deep V

Natalie in a wedding gown with a plunging neckline
Kyra wearing a sexy wedding gown with a plunging neckline

A plunging neckline is a detail that can add some drama to your gown and make you feel glamorous. A deep v neckline elongates your neck and accents your bust while drawing attention to your face and shoulders.  

Whether you’re going for an elegant look or something more daring, a deep v neckline can be flattering on many body types.  And if you’re feeling really daring, go for a dress with a plunging back as well!

Backless Wedding Dresses

Sofia wearing her custom bridal gown from Angela Kim Couture
Lauren giving the over the shoulder look in her backless wedding dress

A sexy wedding dress that shows off your back makes a confident statement on your Big Day.  No matter what style or silhouette you choose, you’re sure to turn heads when you walk down the aisle in a backless wedding dress.  It’s the perfect way to add a hint of glamour and sensuality to your wedding vision.

Leg Baring High Slits

Evelina posing in her custom gold illusion wedding dress
Masha posing in a sexy romantic wedding dress

For brides looking to add a sexy edge to their romantic bridal gown, a thigh baring slit will definitely get your fiancé and guests’ attention.  There is something undeniably sexy about a wedding dress with a high slit that reveals a hint of leg. Whether you’re looking to make a bold statement on your wedding day or simply want to feel extra confident, a revealing thigh high slit on your dress is the perfect choice.

Wedding Dresses with Sleeves

Evelina giving the over the shoulder look in her bridal gown
Lauren wearing a sexy illusion dress with cutouts

If you’re looking for a romantic bridal gown that won’t leave you feeling too exposed, consider a wedding dress with sleeves.  Sleeves are perfect for brides who want to cover up a little more while still looking elegant and stylish.  

Sheath Wedding Dress

Denika wearing her custom bridal gown from Angela Kim Couture
Petite bride Heidi wearing her sheath wedding dress from Angela Kim Couture

A sleek and stylish sheath wedding dress is perfect for a bride who wants to look both sexy and sophisticated on her big day.  A sheath wedding dress is also perfect for brides who want to show off their curves in an elegant way.

Fit and Flare / Trumpet / Mermaid Wedding Dress Silhouettes

Evelina posing in her custom mermaid wedding dress
Hannah wearing her lace trumpet wedding dress

Trumpet and mermaid wedding dress silhouettes are two types of fit and flare dresses. The difference between them is the placement of the flare. The trumpet flare is placed above the knee, while the mermaid flare is placed below the knee.

Both styles hug your feminie curves in all the right places and create the ideal sexy hourglass shape. Mermaid styles emphasize the bust and the hips, and are a popular choice because they flatter most body types.  

Lace Wedding Dresses

Casey wearing a lace wedding dress with halter top
Masha in a sexy lace wedding gown from Angela Kim Couture

Lace wedding dresses have been around for centuries and are still one of the most popular styles.  Lace is inherently romantic and feminine, making it the perfect fabric for a bride looking for something classic and timeless.

Sheer / Illusion Dresses

Masha wearing her illusion bridal gown
Masha wearing a lace bridal gown for her big day

Illusion wedding dresses feature sheer fabrics and delicate lace details that flatter your figure and show just the right amount of skin. Backless wedding dresses often use illusoin fabric to provide extra structure and support while maintaining a naked appearance.  If you are looking for a romantic bridal gown that is sexy, stylish and sure to impress, consider an illusion dress.

Sexy Sparkle

Lauren wearing a wedding dress with a touch of sparkle
Evelina in her sparkling wedding gown

Sparkles add an extra level of glamour and elegance to any dress.  A little bit of shimmer and shine can take a wedding gown from simple to stunning. With a hint of sparkle, you’ll be sure to turn heads on your wedding day!

Custom wedding dress designer Angela Kim

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