Angela Kim — Custom Wedding Dress Designer

Angela Kim — Custom Wedding Dress Designer
Korean Kiwi. Pasta monster. Cat mom. Classical music lover. Yogini. Gallery goer. Foodie. Sun worshipper.  Wedding dress designer.

“Couture bridal design is about more than just making luxury wedding dresses; it’s really about making a precious memory — I love seeing that. It’s priceless.”

After working internationally in fashion for nearly 20 years, Angela relocated to the mountains of Western North Carolina in 2011. She was drawn to wedding dress design because it allows her to use her full skill set as a designer and work with each client on a more personal level — incorporating their inspirations, style and story into their dream dresses. Angela’s designs are creative, romantic and fun, each one lovingly created to reflect the bride’s wedding vision.

Angela Kim Couture Custom Wedding Dresses on Display
My Story

“As a fashion designer, you always have your signature style, your aesthetics. Mine tend to be very feminine, somewhat timeless, classic, and elegant.”

A South Korean-born New Zealander, Angela completed her Master’s course in fashion design in Seoul at the prestigious Ewha Women’s University before working as a fashion designer and merchandiser in the highly competitive markets of New Zealand and Korean fashion.   

The invaluable experience she gained from working internationally and her unique perspective on fashion trends motivated her to launch her own ready-to-wear brand (Angela Kim Designs) in 2015.  In 2016 she was honored to be selected as a finalist for the 2016 Belk Southern Designer Showcase.  She created Angela Kim Couture in 2017 and now specializes exclusively in custom wedding dress design.

Angela Kim Couture Custom Wedding Dresses on Display
Custom Wedding Dress designer Angela Kim styling a bride
My Philosophy

"It gives me so much joy to help my brides prepare for the big event. Creating just the right look is fun — it's the best part!”

“I was drawn to fashion because I understood the power of good design to enhance a person’s self-image and self-esteem. When I design my dresses I think about how my brides will feel when they wear them. I’m not just making dresses for models who have perfect bodies. That’s not really the purpose of why I do this. I think about real people, real women who have challenges and changes.”

“Everyone can be beautiful, so I want to help my clients feel their best and empower them with something easy-to-do, like finding the right silhouette for their shape, or putting the right colors together for their season. It gives me so much joy and happiness to help my brides prepare for the big event. Creating just the right look is fun — it’s the best part!” 

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